Access live video streaming of Taft Avenue

Members of the community may now monitor traffic and flood conditions remotely through the Archer's Eye.

The Archer's Eye is a live video-streaming facility which can be accessed remotely through the University's website domain. Eight internet protocol (IP) cameras have been installed in strategic locations along Taft Avenue and positioned to display the vicinity of the campus.

These cameras have been installed in areas fronting the Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall, Razon Sports Center, Gokongwei Hall, Velasco Hall, Estrada Street, North Gate, South Gate, and at the Leveriza Gate.

The project was conceptualized and approved by the Academics and Administration Coordination Council (AACC).



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Andrew Hall Entrance
Gokongwei Hall Entrance
Velasco Gate Entrance
North Gate Entrance
Facing Estrada Street
South Gate Entrance
Razon Sports Center Entrance
Leveriza Gate Entrance